Parenting. Making it up as I go along & hoping for the best.

I’m the Mum.
I’m strong.
I’m a bit of a hero.
I’m not a great cook but I give it a good go.

I’m assisted by universal parent magic. It’s called a “shitshield” and it protects me from eye-rolls, tantrums and the inevitable “I hate you” and allows me to keep loving unconditionally, even when my children are being completely ridiculous.

I’m stumbling through my journey – battling depression, floundering through judgments and tripping over my mummy guilt while always trying to make good choices.

Originally hailing from Motueka, New Zealand & now willing to suffer through the West Australian summers so I can be a stay at home hero & write about it.

I am the wife of a FIFO (fly in/fly out) husband and mother of two tiny tyrants; Vann (8) and Abel (3).

I’m ruling at motherhood despite constantly feeling like I’m losing at motherhood and getting by on hot coffee, tiny hugs & self confidence.

Making the most of my misadventures and laughing so I don’t cry ❤

Interests include normalising parenting, sharing stories & saving the world.